What Does The Future Hold?

Written by Jessica Mitchell May 9, 2017

For those of you who follow us on Facebook you may have noticed the Tuesday Teasers about the big things happening at Not The Same. We are so excited to give you a bit more detail and a sneak peek on today’s blog of what those changes are!


Courageous. This word has come to life with us as we have taken some time to reflect on our journey over the past 14 years. What is more courageous than taking the time to take care of yourself? Taking the steps needed to feel good; to be yourself and take care of yourself. Your courage in making your well-being a priority inspires us to be courageous in the products we offer. We seek to provide "Courageously Authentic Body Care".


Authentic. Defined as ‘not false or copied; genuine; real.’ This guides our entire business in the way we communicate with you, the way we make our products and the way we connect with one another. We want to be authentic in our communication whether it be on our website, over the phone or in person at festivals. We want to be authentic with our products by using raw ingredients from the earth that were intended to positively impact our bodies and support our journey towards well-being. We want to be authentic with each other in recognizing pain and stress and coming alongside one another to help provide relief.


Through our 20+ years of making products, it has become evident that our company and our approach to body care is most reflected as Courageously Authentic Body Care. It only seems right to have that phrase as our tagline as we look to the future. We are excited to announce this tagline as a key piece of our new brand (wait, did I say new brand?!). Here is a snapshot to get you excited about what comes next! Be sure to check out our upcoming June blog for more.New Brand Logo Sneak Peak