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About Us [Read below to learn about Not The Same before our new brand Alise]

Our Mission Statement
To Create natural body care products that promote Well-being and Self-care, Naturally , utilizing therapeutic grade essential oils, nature's finest herbs, pure plant oils and natural-sourced ingredients. Our motto, Relax, Rejuvenate, Enjoy, Repeat!

Who We Are
Not the Same LLC, a woman-owned business, manufactures spa, facial and body care products that are 100% natural. From our humble beginnings in 1995 in the small spa town of Calistoga, California in the Napa Valley to our current location in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we are dedicated to hand crafting products that help, you, our customer, feel good.

At our retail store in Calistoga, many customers would come in after their mud treatments at the local spas and share how great they felt.  They wanted products they could take home to continue this incredible feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. We listened and started manufacturing our first line of products in honor of the local area.  Today the Calistoga line - Calistoga Mud Baths, Calistoga Mud Mask, Calistoga Seaweed Mask, and Calistoga Mud Soap - remains a rich part of our “her-story”.

In 2007, we sold the California retail store and moved the manufacturing business to Colorado.  With our foundation in the Calistoga line, we expanded our product lines to include specialty baths, aromatherapy sprays and roll-ons, herbal salves, pleasure creams, and a variety of olive oil-based soaps.  

We believe that having fun, sharing laughter and love with family and friends, and taking good care of ourselves are essential to a healthy and happy life style.  Almost every product we develop has arisen out of someone’s need to feel good – free from pain and stress.   

What We Do

• We seek customers who want natural personal care products that nourish, renew and revitalize their bodies. 

• We hand craft each of our products to insure the highest quality with a focused intention of healing and nurturing the body,

• We are “organic by nature”.  The ingredients in our products are 100% natural – completely from nature.

• We only test our products on ourselves and family and friends (people we love including Auntie Em).  No animal testing.  Therefore our products are cruelty free. (Just don’t ask Auntie Em – she’s a bit crotchety about everything)

• We strive to be as “earth-friendly” as possible.  Our packaging is recyclable and our products are “green”. 

• We make our product available to customers through several sales channels; namely, web store, retail stores, and boutique shops, as well as festivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets.

• We embody our business name, Not The Same, in the ways we choose to integrate our active, fun-filled lives with a business that brings stress and pain relief to others.

Why We Do What We Do

• We love life and we love feeling good. We want others to feel good, too.

• Life is too fun to be in pain.  We know, and our customers repeatedly tell us, that our products work.

• Some live to work. Some work to live. We live – vivaciously, energetically, and joyfully.

• We are grateful to share our fun-filled approach with you, our customer.

Our Products

• The Calistoga Mud baths and our specialty baths combine Epsom salt, sea salts with magnetic clay (“the mud”) and pure essential oils. Our baths are designed to promote relaxation and reduce pain and stress.  Your body will feel great! Your skin soft and smooth!. Your mind will be totally relaxed! These baths are the essence of a in-home spa experience!

• The Calistoga Mud and Seaweed Masks tone and tighten your pores, detoxify and cleanse the body and may be used on a daily basis.  They are a treat for your skin!; Combine the mask with our Beautiful Skin Facial Cream for younger looking skin.   

• We use only pure essential oils in ALL our products. The aromatherapy sprays and roll-ons are powerful and made with a significant amount of pure essential oils so you experience true aromatherapy.  No artificial or synthetic fragrances here – just the pure essence of plant oils.

• The therapeutic herbal salves are created with only the finest herbs infused in an extra virgin olive oil base.  Our unique blending and melding processes allow the healing constituents of the herbs to permeate into the salves. This technique produces phenomenal soothing and rejuvenation of the skin and underlying tissues.

• The olive oil soaps are incredibly moisturizing and created for those who desire soft skin not that dry, scaly skin that often appears in winter.