• Calistoga Mud Mask 10oz

Calistoga Mud Mask 10 oz


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Calistoga Mud Mask 10 oz


The Calistoga Mud Mask is a deep cleansing facial and body treatment. The blend of mineral rich muds draw out toxins and impurities such as environmental pollutants, black heads and blemishes. As the mask dries it stimulates circulation which tones and tightens your skin and softens wrinkles. Your skin will look and feel beautiful. You're moisturizer will seem to be working better, when infact you've cleaned your pores and it can now be better absorbed. Note: This mask is preferred for all skin types, especially younger and oily. Can be used every other day. 10 ounce jar.

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Product Size 10 oz jar
Product Scent Unscented

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