Hand and Foot Care

Hand and Foot Care

Our Healthy Hands Skin Refresher and Healthy Feet Skin Refresher are emollient and herbal nourishing creams for moisturizing and soothing dry, cracked cuticles, heels, hands and feet. Herbal nutrition for your skin promotes healing so that the skin remains soft and pliable. With consistent use, cracks and splits don't come back. Your skin will feel soft, look younger and be healthier. These creams are available in 2 ounce jar, 4 ounce jar, and the economical 8 ounce size. Healthy Hands Skin Refresher is scented with the essential oil of lavender, known for its antibacterial and calming properties. Healthy Feet Skin Refresher is scented with our foot blend of essential oils - peppermint with lavender and tea tree oils. Feel the cooling sensation of the peppermint and benefit from the naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Remember, skin is skin so feel free to use these products anywhere on your body away from the eyes. An emollient cream means a little bit goes a long way. For best results, melt a small amount of the cream between the fingertips and then massage into the affected areas.

Healthy Feet Refresher Gift Set

Healthy Feet Refresher Gift Set Contains: Healthy Feet Skin Refresher 2oz, Fabulous Foot Scrub 5oz Soap, Detox Foot Bath 4oz

Ultimate Foot Gift Set

Ultimate Foot Gift Set contains: Fabulous Foot Scrub Soap 5oz, Foot Refresher Aromatherapy Spray 4oz, Healthy Feet Skin Refresher Cream 2oz, Detox Foot Bath 4oz. Save $ and buy this Gift Set versus buying individual items.