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Eczema Soothing Soap


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Eczema Soothing Soap


Say goodbye to unhappy/irritated skin. The Eczema Soothing Soap was created especially for people who deal with eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions. We've blended honey, propolis, skin nourishing oils and flaxmeal to create a bar of soap that is soothing and less irritating on your skin. Throw out all other soap and use this daily to improve how your skin looks and feels. Use the Eczema Soothing Salve to compliment this soap. Fragrance Free.

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Product Size 5 oz soap
Product Scent Unscented

Customer Reviews

Relieve and Astonished Review by Leah - Big Fan
I have had eczema for years and was overjoyed to see not only a soap that may help, but also a soothing skin reliever salve! If you suffer from eczema, you are aware that options of skin treatment can include prescription steroid salves, some that are harmful with prolonged use. I had eczema breaking out on my hands, living in the dry climate of Southwest Colorado and being a school teacher who needs to wash their hands multiple times a day, I had been miserable for a few months.

After buying both the Eczema soothing skin reliever and the soap, I immediately began using the skin reliever. It worked to relieve my hands overnight! I replaced my bathroom hand soap with the Eczema Soap too, and within a few days my Eczema outbreak was under control. This ASTONISHED me, considering that I had been having issues on and off for months, and it only subsided while I used the strong prescription medicine. When I had to stop using the steroid salve, the problems would return but I had to take breaks because the medicine weakened my skin. With my new soap and salve from Not The Same, I didn't have issues with Eczema for the whole summer!
(Posted on 11/18/2014)

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