Customer Testimonials

Dear NTS, I love your seaweed products. Keep up the great work and happy to support your small business. Happy Holidays!! -Michael G.

I've been a customer of yours for over 8 years!  I love all your products but especially the Beautiful Skin Facial Cream - the lavender scent is heavenly!
Marie S.

This summer I bought the Eczema soothing salve for my 1 year old son because he has battled eczema since he was born and we have tried everything, including prescriptions. The kind woman who sold me the salve threw in the eczema soothing soap and this stuff has been amazing!! The salve is great too but combined with the soap we have been able to keep his eczema under control and he is no longer scratching himself until he bleeds. I would totally recommend these products to anyone battling eczema. Thank you for helping my little one find some relief.
Ashlee G.

I have had eczema for 7 years and have only been using the Eczema soothing salve for the last 2 months. This is the first time in the last 7 years that my skin is clear - no eczema flare ups! I use the Soothing Soap and Salve daily. Thank you so much for making my skin feel beautiful, healthy and nourished again!
Jenny P.

Not only does the Eczema Soothing Soap nourish my dry skin, my eczema has improved dramatically after 2 months of use... my "spots" have all faded and no new flare-ups. Thank you!!
Jenny P.

I LOVE your Eczema Soothing Soap!!!! My daughter has been suffering from eczema since the day she was born and when I went out to Denver this past summer, we found your soap at a local store and picked it up to try. Within 3 days the rash was gone and as long as we continue to use it her skin stays clear! Thank you SO MUCH for this soap!
Margarete B.,West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Lisa,
Just to let you know how very much I love your Napa Valley Olive Oil Soap. The scent alone makes me feel good and seems to permeate the bathroom in a soft subtle way. It lathers beautifully until its all gone and wonderfully moisturizes the skin. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much.
Linda F., Alexandria, VA

I bought the hand rub and some soaps at the Junior League Holiday Mart earlier this month. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all so far. The Fabulous hand rub has saved my hands. Last year at this time I had bleeding cracks on my fingers from the weather change. It smells great and isn't too greasy - I use it before bed and sometimes during the day. I just broke out my foot scrub soap and love it too. I can't wait to open up my honey lavendar soap and the mud soap.
Thanks so much!
Stephanie E.

That soap (Patchouli soap)is amazing. I know this is probably too much information, but the liner I wear under the prosthetic tends to smell..which makes the socks smell. I wash it when I shower, but it usually smells within 24 hours. I used your patchouli soap and it has smelled fresh every since! Dude, this is a real treat. I'm sold! Thanks!
Jaye A., Denver, CO

I just wanted to drop you a message and let you know how much I absolutely adore the Eczema Soothing Salve! This is one of my favorite natural products. The texture is so amazing, it just sinks right in and goes to work! I have some patches of eczema on my arms that can be very uncomfortable in the dry Colorado climate, and this salve has almost completely healed them. Thank you so much for this product!
Casey in Colorado

Dear Lisa
..A friend at work mentioned your muscle rub product when I complained about my hip pain and allowed me to try your product. I have to say that I've tried many pain relief products which did not help much BUT strangely your product did. I was even able to sleep on that side. So now I'm ordering my own supply and look forward to receiving it. Thank you for your product!
Liz D., New York

Hi, Lisa
Just wanted to let you know, again, how much I love your products. The Muscle Therapy Rub (or Saddle Sore Rub) is the only product I use when I do myofascial, structural integration, and deep tissue work. Just a tiny bit gives me enough glide over sometimes dry skin to prevent painful pulling, and enough grip so that I don't slip when applying pressure or stretch. And the herbs are both analgesic and anti-inflammatory, so my clients love it, too. I've had lots of compliments on the scent, as well. It's hands-down the best product I've found so far in three and a half years of practice.

Elizabeth Y., CMT

from Marcia, June 2010
Hi Denise,
I met you in Boulder on Memorial Day Weekend, and I wanted to tell you I love your products! I'm a massage therapist and I especially like your Fabulous Hand Rub Cream. It really helps heal little cuts. Hope all is going well with you,

from Diane L. June 2010
I have thought about this for a while. Although I use your products daily, what to say about them is causing me pause.
"Don't take a bath without it." Short, probably too short, but really is how I feel about your product. I use the masks as well and it is pretty much the same thing. "The mud goes in and the mask goes on, for a perfect bath."
Okay, that's it for me until my next order. Hope all is well with you and your company. You are always so delightful to do business with. Thanks.

from Karen D. June 2010
Dear Mud Mommas....
Hello...I met you lovelies at the Eco Fair in Aspen a month or so ago....I was the tall round person in the tie dyed turtle shirt from Maui.
Cold blustery low sale day..because I like to support good causes I bought a bar of your soap.
Incredible soap indeed. Little did I know what bliss I was headed for...
The Colorado Wildflower Bar is remarkable....
The fragrance is perfect...the texture loves my Italian skin ..out in the sun too much...63 years young face and it seems to last forever..BRAVO!!! I love it. My skin is good, but this has made it even better.
Thanks for a job well done. I just ordered three more bars on line.
Peace...Karen D. Snowmass, Colorado

from Marie S May 2010:
After a busy day playing tennis, water aerobics, gardening or whatever stresses my muscles I often wake during the night with aches and pains making it hard to sleep. I reach for my muscle rub, rub it into wherever it is sore even my feet. When I lay back down I feel comforted and fall back to sleep easily. In the morning when I wake up my aches and pains are gone. It also works great when the arthritis in my fingers act up, helps to relieve the pain. I would be lost without my muscle rub, it is great.

I love all of your soap but have decided I now have a favorite "The Colorado Wildflower Bar" is so sudsy I just love it. Makes my skin feel nice after my shower. I am spoiled now after using your soap, I can't go back to off the shelf brands from the supermarket that just dried my skin out.

I have very sensitive skin and was afraid to use the mud mask at first. After hearing so many people rave about the results I decided to give it a try. I love it now, after using the mud mask my skin feels so clean and soft, it even looks better.

I had a rash on my leg that my dermatologist said was from dry skin. He said to use a good lotion on it and that would take care of it. I tried for about a year with all kinds of lotion and nothing changed the rash. I started putting your eczema salve on it, at first there was no change but then after a couple of weeks using it I realized it was gone. What a relief to finally be rid of it.

My skin is very dry especially on my face. For years I tried many different moisturizers but most left my skin feeling itchy, and dry. I apply your moisturizer every night before bed, and every morning after washing my face. At first it feels very emollient, it takes about 20 minutes for it to fully absorb into the skin leaving a nice soft clean feeling. My skin looks and feels great all day long now, whereas before I was always applying more lotion etc. I think it has also helped to keep any new wrinkles away.

From Debora K May 2010:
"I have been meaning to tell you I LOVE the bath bar you gave me. (Colorado Wildflower Bar)
You need to send me a list of what all you sell. I wish I would have spent more time at your booth - the soap was awesome!!!"
Thanks!! Debora

From Gary S April 2010:
"Muscle Therapy Rub: I love this salve. I was looking at the jar the other evening on the shelf in my bathroom and thinking, I should use this more frequently. I use it when my neck and shoulders are tight but that isn't every day. Then the daily use dawned on me: My jaw! I suffer from TMJ, grinding my teeth at night, tight jaw muscles, tender temples. I wear a "bit" at night which helps. So I set the jar on my night stand. Each evening (for a week now) I lay down in bed, reach over (lights out). Find the jar, open it up and rub some on my temples and jaw muscles. I give them a 5 minute massage with the salve. WOW! It is making a difference! I'm still grinding but this has taken the edge off. My muscles, temples are more relaxed and not as tender to the touch! Double thumbs up!

Rooster Booster: My girlfriend and I are at that age when a little extra lubrication helps ease things. This product ROCKS MY ROOSTER and SLICKS HER CHICK!!! Wow. It provides very adequate lubrication and adds a very sensual twist that I really wasn't expecting. How to describe it? Spicy? A little more sensitive but not extreme. Smells great. Feels great. WOW!

Thank you for making your products! I enjoy them! We enjoy them! They work mighty fine!

Chick slick and Rooster Booster are essentially the same product, right?